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OH&S Consulting
Engaging a qualified and experienced professional to look at your safety methodologies, systems and considerations, and provide you with frank dialogue is very important.  This will assist you in keeping your ideas based on legislation and best practice, with a risk management perspective, to achieve practical solutions.


We can assist with the certification of either your entire organisation or a particular section of it; to AS4801 or Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme.

Certification provides a verified demonstrated commitment by the organisation to continual improvement and effective customer focus within the structures of a particular standard.  In fact, certified management systems have been demonstrated to improve business outcomes and assist in managing overall risks within the organisation.

Continual improvement habits created within your organisation by certification can help increase sales and profitability, reduce staff turnover, improve morale and reduce insurance premiums.


We can conduct audits to check if the required OH&S system activities such as training, notification of incidents, and managing risks meet the required standards.  We can audit your Safety Management System as a whole, or conduct specific job safety audits.


OH&S Management & Co-ordination plans
Designed to support your OHS policy, safety management plans ensure the intent of the policy is followed and that there is constant improvement in the safety of your employees, customers and the public. We work in collaboration with you to develop customised plans and procedures, ensuring your safety is managed and run in an efficient manner.


Risk Management
All your business activities should be viewed from a risk management perspective.  Risks to your business, people and customers come in many forms and should be identified and managed utilising a variety of tools and systems.  Our risk assessments incorporate practical solutions assisting you in your efforts towards a working environment free of harm.


Safe Work Method Statements  (Job Safety Analysis)
It is a legislative requirement that all work deemed as high risk must have a Safe Work Method Statement.  We have extensive experience in developing SWMS’s for all industries.  Our method is to review the works and develop SWMS’s that meet the requirements of the legislation and the needs of an organisation.


Systems Development
An OHS management system developed and implemented by us will offer your organisation a mechanism for compliance monitoring and provide direction for tracking performance and structuring management programs that maintain and improve OHS outcomes and bottom line performance.


Emergency Management
We can assist with how you plan for emergencies within your organisation and workplace. Floor plans detailing exits and fire fighting equipment, and any assembly points.


Traffic Management

Traffic Management Courses help maximise Occupational Health & Safety awareness and solutions on all work sites and on roads and roadway carriageways where traffic and work interface. Training develops competencies to manage traffic safety around the worksite for both the individual and the organisation.  Refer to our Training link for a full list of this and other training services.

Traffic Management Plans:
Designed to your specific work area requirements, traffic management plans ensure that legal requirements are followed. They also ensure that constant improvements in the safety of your employees whilst working on roads when interfacing with vehicles and the general public.


OH&S Training
We can arrange for you OH&S Training that you may need to meet your legal obligations.  Refer to our Training link for a full list of other training services.