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Environmental Management


Environmental Consulting
We can advise in the establishment or expansion of an Environmental Management System and ensure consultation with management and staff is undertaken right throughout.


The ISO 14000 standards provide both a model for streamlining environmental management, and guidelines to ensure environmental issues are considered within decision making practices.  We can help you obtain or retain certification.


We can conduct audits to check if the EMS activities meet the required standards.  With our simple andpractical recommendations, our audits can be undertaken regularly to ensure the EMS is achieving its objectives and to refine and improve operational procedures to meet your organisations goals.


Environment Management Plans
We can develop plans that detail the methods and procedures an organisation will use to meet any objectives and targets.


Environment Risk Assessments
The identification and documentation of the actual and potential environmental impacts of an organisation’s operations are recommended. This can be achieved by engaging us to undertake an environmental risk assessment, so you can then apply appropriate controls to safeguard and maintain your working environment.


Systems Development
An environmental management system (EMS) developed and implemented by us will offer your organisation a tool for compliance. It will provide direction and guidance for tracking performance and enable structuring environmental management programs that maintain and improve environmental outcomes.


Environment Emergency
All Environment Emergency plans and procedures should be reviewed to ensure they are compatible with the organisation targets and objectives.


Management and staff should be trained in environmental awareness. This will provide staff with the skills for the effective implementation of the EMS. It will assist them to become familiar with their responsibilities in the overall environmental policy and the organisations objectives.